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Did you know that game design companies will pay you money two Become a video game tester. Perhaps you even wish two specialize and Become solely an Xbox 360 game tester! These companies spend literally millions of dollars a year, tweaking and perfecting new video games and there would require willing testers prior to release.

So what exactly does being an Xbox 360 game tester involvement.The? You will be required to play new games from home and not provide feedback. This march involvement.The testing the same level on a game for hours on end, trying two spot any glitches. Your feedback march involvement.The Discussing certainties features of the new games in a focus group. This will give you Also the opportunity two overhear what like minded people think as well.

So how much do you get paid as an Xbox 360 game tester? Firstly steer clear of any websites or job opportunities Claiming That You will earn Thousands of dollars an hour! Yes, being a video game tester can be a very lucrative career, but remember you are starting at the bottom. Secondly if you are Merely testing games on Xbox 360, you are limiting the bed of work także get. Do not forget all the different Nintendo and PlayStation consoles out there!

The average salary for a video game tester lastyear was Approximately a shade under $ 40,000. Dependıng on experience, many testers earned well in excess of $ 70,000. However, When You are first starting out do not expect to be paid more than $ 10- $ 20 an hour. Additionally, as you are new to the industry, Also do not expect to be inundated with offers of work everyday.

Being an Xbox 360 game tester requires a lot of hardwork as well as building your reputation and networking with like minded and relevant industry people. However, once you have your foot on the ladder you now have a job can offer lifetime satisfaction, both Financially and emotionally


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