Zombies and Zombieland Halloween Costume Buying Ideas


The Zombieland movie accompanied with the continued popularity of Michael Jackson’s Thriller have meant the zombie genre of Halloween costumes will be very much in vogue this year. There is still enough time to get your costume, but hurry, they will disappear fast, so that you can complete the experience. Halloween again brings with it so many choices of outfits, whether it’s for the kids to dress up to go trick or treating, or for adults having serious party fun in their zombie costumes.

Zombies have always proved themselves to be a firm favourite, in fact they are right up there with vampire’s like Count Dracula and Frankenstein, who some would say was a kind of zombie anyway, although many would disagree and refer to him as a monster. The Zombieland movie has helped to set the tone and has already taken the box office by storm. With the sad news of the passing of Michael Jackson, his zombie inspired Thriller routine have helped to contribute to the zombie popularity, which has gone global and even more popular than ever before. So have zombies ever been out of date out of date? The answer must be definitely NO! Zombies have always been very much in and especially with Zombieland, they will continue to remain in fashion. In fact the zombie Halloween costume theme are the must have costume to be seen in this October 2009.

Zombies are in this year, but vampires also appear to be making a comeback, if you pardon the pun. they both are very much unisex and suitable for all ages. Your costumes could be as conservative or extravagant as you wish and there is a costume for everyone there’s such a wide range of these costumes to choose from.The term zombie is came from the Caribbean and there appears to be quite a lot of mystique surrounding it’s origin, for example in the Caribbean island of Grenada they were known as ‘Jumbi’ and other islands had their own version, but the term commonly refer’s to ‘the walking dead’. There have also been references to the introduction of the word zombie to American culture with the 20th century book The Magic Island written by the author W.B. Seabrook. The narrator describes his experience in Haiti, where Voodoo cults practiced the art of resurrection. This information adds another twist to the tale; could Frankenstein have been an inspiration from zombie tales? The popularity of zombies ironically if you pardon the pun, “Never really Died”.

If you are going out this Halloween you will want to look fantastic well the Zombie Genre and Zombieland Halloween Costumes theme is sure to be the hit this year and the probably the best costume to be seen in this October Halloween . What would a Zombieland Zombie wear to this year’s Halloween party? Blood stained tattered garments; mask or make up that looks like that your body has been mutilated. The aim is to look as scary as possible and that you came straight from the grave The ‘true’ Zombie culture was first introduced in movies with 1938 production called the ‘White Zombie’ and was later popularized by the 1968 film ‘Night of the living dead’. If you want to look like a scary million dollar zombie be sure to splash out and remember to keep it fun. ‘Halloween fanatic’ will want to be seen without a classy Zombie costumes this 2009, so be sure to get yours, quickly. Beware of other creatures of the night.


Source by Nathan George

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